We offer unique service to our brands that we are able to bring in additional machinery to produce special project items that are custom​.

Mold, tool-and-die making:
Produce all molds in the factory
We have CNC, Lost Wax casting, 3D printing, Laser Etching, and Die Casting-Stamping

All wet plating done in owned facilities
We can offer dedicated plating tanks for brands. Real and imitation plating and IP/PVD plating machines for small runs

Hardware and component production:
Produce all hardware and components needed for jewelry and accessories, achieving quality and scheduling advantages

Testing facility:
Simulates an SGS testing lab
Currently undergoing SGS certification of in-house testing lab

Engineering team:
Dedicated engineering staff for jewelry R&D and design
Innovative problem solving for design/manufacturing challenges that directly impacts manufacture-ability, quality, and cost dimensions

Prototype development:
Special services for limited production specialty pieces destined for runway presentation, media campaigns, and photo shoots


Die casting-stamping production
Metal Work: brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel, zinc
Metal Decoration: enamel – pour and grind, stone application, inlays of mixed materials, carbon fiber
3 Dimensional metal work with decoration
Resin-Acetate-Acrylic production: pour, sheet , free form
Silicone/Plastic injection production
Stone setting: prong set, pave and micro pave, semi precious stones, custom cut stones, Swarovski-Czech-China Glass-Acrylic stones
Leather Work:
QC leather, skive leather, weave leather, leather cording, leather glue work, assembling leather to hardware and components
Mixed Materials: Production space allocated for assembling mixed materials to create a product.

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