china-based manufacturing and sourcing company

  • Home Décor & Accessories   
  • Paperweights, Figurines, Objects
  • Custom blankets
  • Stationery, Journals, Paper
  • Tags – for anything and everything.
  • Custom Umbrellas
  • Picture Frames – Metal, Beaded, Stone
  • Jewelry
  • Special projects


In-house mold room: We create and produce all molds in the factory. We have CNC, Lost Wax casting, 3D printing, Laser Etching, and Die Casting-Stamping. We are able to use our CNC machine to do hand samples – saving brands time and money.
In-house plating tanks: We do all of our own wet plating. We have dedicated plating tanks for brands, as requested. We do real and imitation plating.
In-house production of all hardware and components: We like to reduce the risk of metal contamination and delivery lateness. We produce all hardware and components needed for jewelry and accessories in house. This way we can control the quality and timing.
In-house testing facility that mimics a SGS testing lab. We are going through the process of having our in-house testing lab approved by SGS, and will be certified by Summer 2018.
In-house Engineering team: We have a dedicated engineering staff for component, jewelry, and accessories R&D and design. Even though, there is an old school thought that jewelry does not have to be engineered, we knew that luxury jewelry could only be made in high quality by being engineered. We have trained our engineering team in creativity, solving closure or design challenges, one of a kind hand pieces for runways, and thinking out of the box while keeping quality and beauty in mind. This thought also applies to the Wearable Tech product and accessories category that we are pioneering with brands.